Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2012 FA catchers
Ryan Doumit (31)-----.330/.420, 55 simple runs created
Ramon Hernandez (36)-.335/.410, 55 src
Chris Snyder (31)----.330/.395, 52 src
Kelly Shoppach (32)--.310/.400, 50 src
Average MLB C, 2011--.313/.389, 49 src
Rod Barajas (36)-----.275/.410, 45 src

In a word, sucky. If Kottaras would be non-tendered, I'd rather have him than anyone except the top four. Also hard to believe Doumit wouldn't find a job behind the plate even if he is weak defensively. FYI, UZR does not rank catchers, and DRS barely notices a difference.

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